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"Standards are for Everyone!"
Dr. Rookmin Maharaj


Reimagining Animal-Assisted Human Services (AAHS)


HRSO is a Standards Council of Canada {SCC} accredited Standards Development Organization {SDO} that the Foundation is partnering with to develop a suite of NSCs for and with interested stakeholders. 

How it Works
Proposal Stage
  • The client, in this case, the Foundation, established the need and rationale (the proposal) for the development of four essential NSCs.
  • This information was shared through the development of four Notices of Intent {NOI} which were submitted by the SDO to and registered by the Standards Council of Canada {SCC}. 

​Draft Voluntary National Standard of Canada
Draft National Standards are developed according to the SDO's SCC-accredited procedures. A Technical Committee {TC} representative of a balance of concerned interest stakeholders from regions across Canada is established to develop the draft NSC.

Public Consultations
The draft NSC is released for public consultation for a set period {e.g., 60 days} for review/comment by interested parties. All content-related comments/suggestions received from the public are reviewed and considered by the Technical Committee {TC}. The NSC is revised, if necessary, before submitting NSC to the SCC for publication. 

The SCC undergoes a review of the NSC before publishing the NSC to ensure that it meets the accredited requirements. All published NSCs are accessible to the public for use and are maintained at regular intervals and revised when there are changes to/new normative documents or other significant changes to ensure the ongoing relevance of NSCs.  Read more...

Cultivating Consensus
Consensus decision-making is a process whereby the contributions of all members of the Technical Committee (TC) are valued. This inquiry-based process will not just focus on the results. Still, meaningful, inclusive conversations with various stakeholders, disciplines, and sector representatives that would not otherwise have the opportunity to get collaborate. 

Standards Council of Canada {SCC} defines consensus as follows:

"General agreement is characterized by the absense of sustained opposition to substantial issues by any important part of the concerned interests and by a process that involves seeking to take into account the views of all parties concerned and to reconcile any conflicting arguments."