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CAN/HRSO – 500.01 - 2022 Development of a Management System for Animal-Assisted Human Services (AAHS) National Standard of Canada (NSC) 
Users Guide: A Companion to the NSC is COMING SOON
NSC Normative References

This NSC was developed in accordance with the normative documents listed below, all of which are publicly available. The user of this NSC should refer to the latest edition or revision of the normative documents. Adherence to normative documents is determined and validated during a voluntary third-party conformity assessment.

The extent of compliance may vary depending on the size of an Animal-Assisted Human Services (AAHS) business, the number of employees, which province or territory they are located in, etc. For example, compliance with a Federal Government Act is applicable to federally regulated organizations. However, non-federally regulated organizations can benefit from the principles set out in the Act to improve the quality of their services where possible and work toward related goals within their means in good faith. Another example is the Employment Equity Act. This Act applies to both private and public sector employers within the context of the legislation. Each  AAHSP and AASP would need to determine which normative documents directly apply to their business and to what extent, if applicable. These variables and applicability would be taken into consideration during a voluntary third-party conformity assessment. 

More information concerning voluntary third-party conformity assessment will be forthcoming. 

Accessible Canada Act

Canadian Human Rights Act

CAN/CSA-Z1003-13/BNQ 9700-803/2013 (R18)

Psychological health and safety in the workplace – Prevention, promotion, and guidance to staged implementation standards/2421865.pdf

Charities Registration (Security Information) Act,maintain%20the%20confidence%20of%20Canadian

Competition Act

Criminal Code of Canada – R.S.C., 1985 c.C-46 (Section 445.01)

Employment Equity Act

Health of Animals Act

Health of Animals Regulations,_c._296/index.html

Income Tax Act

Legislation Focused on Registered Charities charities

Provincial and Territorial Legislation Registered Human Resources Professionals Act, 2013

Provincial and Territorial Legislation Concerning Farm Animal Welfare legislation/eng/1358482954113/1358483058784

The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms bill/canadian-charter-rights-freedoms-eng.pdf

NSC Informative References

The following Informative documents are meant to help with the conceptual understanding of this NSC. The user of this NSC should refer to the latest edition or revision of these informative documents.

A Code of Practice for Cattery Operations (2009) cattery-operations.pdf

Animal Assisted Intervention International (2019). Standards of Practice Standards-of-Practice.pdf

Animal Learning and Training: Implications for Animal Welfare Sabrina I.C.A. Brando

Animals in Healthcare Facilities: Recommendations to Minimize Potential Risks core/content/view/7086725BAB2AAA4C1949DA5B90F06F3B/S0899823X1500015Xa.pdf/animals-in-healthcare-facilities-recommendations-to-minimize-potential-risks.pdf

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Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS)

Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers: us/standards-practice-code-ethics/

Canadian Standards of Care in Animal Shelters Supporting ASV Guidelines (2013) animal-shelters

Canadian Task Force on Animal-Assisted Interventions (2014). Animal Assisted Interventions (AAI) Proposed Guidance for Practice for Canada.

Cartier Equine Assisted Learning Standard of Practice and Code of Ethics

Charity Village

Code of Conduct Equestrian Canada 5ZQvniEcJ55GCTX.pdf

CVMA Humane Training Methods for Dogs – Position Statement dogs#:~:text=The%20CVMA%20supports%20the%20American,accreditation%20of%20 all%20dog%20trainers

CVMA Presents New Edition of Code of Practice for Canadian Kennel Operations 

Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association (EAGALA): oved_11.7.20.pdf

Human Resource Professionals Association Code of Conduct Revised-Jan-26.-2021_1.pdf

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International Society for Animal Assisted Therapy (ISAAT) Species List redlist.pdf

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La Corporation des Zoothérapeutes du Québec: deontologie-czq.pdf

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National Association for Equine Facilitated Wellness

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Ontario Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development

Optimal Terminology for Services in the United States that Incorporate Horses to Benefit People: A Consensus Document

Order Out of Chaos Revised: A Call for Clear and Agreed-Upon Definitions Differentiating Between Animal-Assisted Interventions Assisted_Interventions

Pet Partners

Provincial and Territorial Employment Legislation Standards and Resources canada/provinces-and-territories.aspx

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Quality Development and Quality Assurance in Practical Animal-Assisted Interventions

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Workplace Health and Safety Virtual Library

Zoothérapie Québec. A portrait.