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Animal-Assisted Human Services (AAHS) are beneficial relationships that nurture One Health for People, Pets, and Partners™. 

Health in this context includes the physical, mental, emotional, and social well-being of people of all ages and the

health and welfare of pets and other animals involved in delivering AAHS.

Animals and Pandemics 

We Endorse, Participate in & Promote the One Health Global Movement
The One Health Initiative is a worldwide movement for advancing healthcare in the 21st century and a strategy for expanding interdisciplinary collaborations and communications in all aspects of healthcare for humans, animals and the environment. Source: Centre for Disease Control Prevention

One Health for People, Pets, & Partners™

The Foundation adopts One Health principles, with a focus on the bond between humans and animals since the beginning of time (zooeyia), and One Welfare.

One Health Tools and Toolkits Webpage Launch
​CF4AASS and the One Health Commission

Covid-19 and One Health in Action

The Spirit/Principles of One Health for People, Pets, and Partners™

IDEA: Inclusivity, Diversity, Equity, Accessibility

Unity: The state of belonging and being one.

Solidarity:  A wholistic union or strengthening of the AAHS industry sector ComeUnity, relevant sectors, disciplines, interests and shared responsibilities. 


“Anthrozoology is the study of human-animal interaction ("animal" referring to all non-human animals), also described as the science focusing on all aspects of the human-animal bond and a bridge between the natural and social sciences.

Anthrozoology is a modern interdisciplinary and burgeoning field that overlaps with a number of other disciplines, including anthropology, ethology, medicine, psychology, veterinary medicine and zoology. A major focus of anthrozoologic research is the quantifying of the positive effects of human-animal relationships on either party and the study of the reality of their interactions.” (Source Wikipedia)

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One Health Commission

Worldwide, nearly 75 percent of all emerging human infectious diseases in the past three decades originated in animals. Environmental health may affect human and animal health through contamination, pollution and poor conditions that may lead to new infectious agents. The world population is projected to grow from 7 billion in 2011 to 9 billion by 2050.​ To provide adequate healthcare, food and water for the growing global population, the health professions, and their related disciplines and institutions, must work together. The human-animal bond beneficially impacts the health of both people and animals. Read more...

One Welfare

One welfare serves to highlight the interconnections between animal welfare, human well-being and the environment. It fosters interdisciplinary collaboration to improve human and animal welfare internationally. One Welfare also helps to promote key global objectives such as supporting food security, sustainability, reducing human suffering and improving productivity within the farming sector through a better understanding of the value of high welfare standards. One Welfare extends the approach of (and partially overlaps) the One Health theme used for human and animal health. A One Welfare approach promotes the direct and indirect links of animal welfare to human welfare and environmentally friendly animal-keeping systems. Read more...