Dec 1, 2020 - New Decision Protects the Rights of Service Animal Users


A recent decision of the Manitoba Human Rights Adjudication Panel affirms the rights of people with disabilities who rely upon service animals to access public services free from discrimination. The decision comes after a hearing into the human rights complaint of William Webb against LHS Holdings, operating as the Manigaming Resort. Read more...

Overcoming Barriers  
​In spite of the many benefits of service dogs, public access and accommodation issues continue to escalate.

Multi-Stakeholder collaboration and cooperation are essential to ensure inclusion and barrier-free Canine-Assisted Living. Emerging dialogue topics involve a range of systemic issues and industry gaps:  

  • Greater consumer/end-user-informed initiatives
  • Canadian quality assurance benchmarks and voluntary third-party (non-producers) certification for service dog trainers and accreditation for service dog training organizations (self-declaration is currently common practice) ​
  • Fragmented and, in some cases, conflicting legislation, regulations and policies that violate human rights
  • Marketplace competition challenges 
  • Inconsistent definitions that create confusion instead of clarity​
  • Long waiting lists
  • Rising costs to acquire, care for, and support service dog teams
  • Widespread impartial and consistent industry and marketplace education 
  • Industry statistical data to measure the impact​

Service Animals - Canadian Transportation Agency
When travelling in Canada, there should be no charge for your service animal. Your transportation company may ask you to confirm that your service animal has been trained for its role, to show its training certificate, and to ensure that it is properly harnessed. You can ask the company to make sure that there is enough floor space for your service animal to remain at your feet. Check to make sure you know about the different regulations for your service animal when travelling, especially to another country. For more information resources, see Section VII: Useful information sources. Read more...