Skills Building

Canadian Academic Courses and Programs


Lakeland College: Animal Assisted Wellness Courses

Add new skills to your professional tool kit with Lakeland’s one-of-a-kind animal-assisted wellness program. Our program is the first college-level certificate in animal-assisted wellness in English-speaking Canada. Through the online post-credential program, you can expand your professional practice. Read more... 

Ontario Colleges: Animal Care

Dedicated animal lovers who enjoy both the technical side and handling aspects of caring for animals are in high demand. As a result, animal care programs at Ontario colleges prepare students for a career that has countless opportunities. As an animal care graduate, you’ll assist veterinarians, develop nutrition and wellness plans, provide companionship to a wide range of animals, and much more. Read more...

University of Alberta: Bachelor of Science in Animal Health

Turn your passion for companion and performance animals into a career with this major. These animals are found in search and rescue, sport, animal-assisted therapy, and service to improve the well-being of individuals. Courses cover the physiology, nutrition, behaviour and evolving role of companion and performance animals, as well as the sociology and psychology of the human-animal bond. Read more...

University of Guelph: Equine Programs

EQUINE GUELPH COURSES - short, focused online courses at and 12-week Certificate and Diploma

Short courses include Equine First Aid, Biosecurity/Disease Prevention, Behaviour and Safety (youth/adult version), Welfare Code of Practice/Equine Care and Welfare, Large Animal Emergency Rescue and many more!

12-week online courses at can be taken individually/special interest or work towards certificates in Equine Science, Business, Welfare and a Diploma.  12-week offerings are award-winning, university-accredited, and chosen by students in over 40 countries seeking evidence-based, flexible online programs. is a free resource to help plan your next career move or find your next employee! 

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University of Guelph Bachelor of One Health

With its roots in veterinary medicine and agriculture, the University of Guelph has long understood the close relationship between the health of plants, animals, people and the environment that supported them. Bachelor of One Health is the only degree of its kind in Canada. A Bachelor of One Health degree will empower you to use a multi-disciplinary approach to handle many of the most pressing human, animal, and ecosystem health issues of our time. Read more... 

University of Windsor - Anthrozoology: The Study of Human-Animal Relationships

Are you interested in learning more about the significance of animals in our lives? The University of Windsor is the only university in Canada offering programs in human-animal interactions! If you’re interested in studying Anthrozoology, you can now get a certificate (8 courses) or a minor (6 courses) in addition to your major. Our goal in developing academic programming in this field is to encourage students to think critically about humans’ relationships with animals and to encourage and facilitate ongoing interactions, discussion, debate, and interest in this topic. Read more...