The AAHS Marketplace

Canada's Animal-Assisted Human Services {AAHS} Marketplace

AAHS, commonly referred to as Animal-Assisted Services, is a rapidly growing, highly fragmented industry sector that is not regulated by the public sector. The marketplace encompasses a variety of multi- and interdisciplinary practices such as breeding, training and placement of Assistant/Service Animals and Animal-Assisted Interventions {AAI}.

AAHS is delivered by an Animal-Assisted Human Service Provider {AAHSP} and Animal-Assisted Services Professionals {AASP}. 

AAHS is a subcategory within Canada’s human services industry. This evolving industry is a significant driver within an all-encompassing socio-economic sector and growing marketplace. 

Re-Imagining AAHS

The Benefits of Fair Competition in an Open Marketplace

  • a healthy competitive economy increases productivity and benefits everyone with lower and competitive pricing and more choices,
  • it provides consumers with the information they need to make informed decisions,
  • it strengthens businesses’ ability to adapt and compete at home and in global markets,
  • it stimulates an efficient economy and encourages growth,
  • it gives small and medium-sized businesses a better chance to compete and participate in the economy, and 
  • it balances the interests of consumers and producers, retailers, dominant, mid-size and minor players, and the public and private interests. Source:  Read more...

Competition A Canadian Vantage Point
Competition Act 

Why Competition Matters

Canada is one of many countries worldwide with a competition act. Not only does a fair and competitive market build a more robust economy, but it is also a catalyst for innovation to increase productivity and quality. That is when it's understood, promoted, and taken seriously.

A vibrant open marketplace supported by the government enhances the affordability and accessibility of goods and services, benefiting consumers, businesses, and other relevant stakeholders such as the public and private sectors.  In short, a fair and open marketplace levels the playing field by putting consumer interests first.  

Co-creating a robust framework and bringing together a skilled workforce will foster industry sector recognition and promote job creation, apprenticeship programs, and seamless access to credible services while addressing the ever-increasing demand for AAHS in healthcare, social services, justice, and correctional services sectors. 

Connecting, communicating, collaborating, coordinating and celebrating service excellence aims to cultivate unity in diversity among multiple stakeholders, disciplines, and sectors to enhance public confidence, public safety, quality, and animal health and welfare to nurture One Health for People, Pets, and Partners™ One Health: The Canadian Foundation for Animal-Assisted Support Services (